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Taking your earholes back to the era of Hammerpants, plaid, backwards overalls, grunge, and New Jack Swing! We revisit the music of the ’90’s on Dope Nostalgia. Join us for chats with the artists, laughs with friends, and a lot of reminiscing.


July 22, 2021

Episode 81 - P!nk

Our friend Kendra is a massive P!nk fan. Who better to go to for this episode! Although P!nk's releases were in the 2000's, she started her career in the late 90's, and she deserves an episode. We also talk P!nk's crushes on Jon Bon Jovi and Johnny Depp, New Jack Swing, Pizza Hut, getting drunk on Baja Rosa, COVID drinking habits, and favourite Leo DiCaprio movies of the decade.

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My favourite rock journalist, Mitch Lafon joins me to go track-by-track through the 1992 comeback record for Bon Jovi, "Keep The Faith". We chat about the likelihood of Sambora's return to the band, the importance of Hugh McDonald, our backstage at Bon Jovi show stories, the greatest Bon Jovi B-Sides, how annoying songs with sirens in them are, and how rock killed itself in the early '90's. 

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My guest is an emerging star in the country music scene - Oklahoma's very own Allie Colleen! We talk about her new single "Pink Lemonade" which is a naughty & fun track, impowering women with their sexuality in music, weird names of Canadian towns, and the '90's country musicians who inspired her. She has deep family roots in country, and is making a wave in the scene in her own right!

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July 1, 2021

Episode 78 - Warrant

My guest is radio personality Gruff Gushnowski, as we reflect on the releases of the hard rock band Warrant in the '90's, and the trials and tribulation they faced. Warrant even made the leap into a grungier sound when the landscape of rock had changed. We also chat about whether or not it's ok for a band to replace the lead singer, 90's radio programming, music cruises, and more!

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EXTREME NSFW LANGUAGE WARNING! Do not listen around kids or delicate ears. If you're easily offended by dirty lyrical content, this is NOT the episode for you. Now that you've been warned, we weren't kidding. Kendra and I explore some of the jaw dropping lyrics that came out in our favourite decade. We gathered our own picks, as well as review listener's picks. We also talk about more innocent topics in the beginning, such as Hanson! Don't say we didn't warn you...

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June 17, 2021

Episode 76 - Emm Gryner

Canadian singer/songwriter Emm Gryner joins me this week. We discuss her connection to Def Leppard and her fantastic cover of their classic "Pour Some Sugar On Me", vocal coaching, being an Xennial, yacht rock, her experiences touring with David Bowie, and more! She's a gifted talent.

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One of my favourite guests I have had returns! The Funky Bunch member Anthony "Big Ace" Thomas is here! We review his latest movie filming experiences, MUNICIPAL clothing line, new swag and music, being part of the new HBOmax series "Wahl Street", He tells us Natalie's story, we talk about our connection with God, old school "Music For The People" memories, and being a positive role model in the lives of young people. 

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June 3, 2021

Episode 74 - Ana

If you haven't yet heard of Cuban-born singer Ana, let Sebastian and I give you an education! 80's/90's music aficionado Sebastian is a big Ana fan. We cover Debbie Gibson's role in her career, The impact of Maurice Starr on her album "Body Language", the duet with Jordan Knight, record company woes, and her Latin debut as Mia which brought her a Grammy nomination. 

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Welcome Daisy Dee to the show! One of the founding members of Belgian house group Technotronic. We discuss the group, the hits, her company Booya Music, Her smash TV show, and how she helped break the Backstreet Boys in Europe. Take a glance into her beautiful life!

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The third and final member of Farmer's Daughter joins me for a walk down memory lane! The incredible Shauna Rae Samograd bonds on being an Alberta girl, Nova Scotia kitchen parties, harmony talk, recording with Randy Bachman, and the difference between Canadian & American country music.

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