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Taking your earholes back to the era of Hammerpants, plaid, backwards overalls, grunge, and New Jack Swing! We revisit the music of the ’90’s on Dope Nostalgia. Join us for chats with the artists, laughs with friends, and a lot of reminiscing.


January 13, 2022

Episode 105 - JC Chasez

The YouTube channel "The JC Chasez Archive" joins me this week to converse about this talented singer, songwriter, producer, and dancer. JC was a member of massive boyband *NSYNC, and was the lead vocalist on many of their tracks. We talk about his solo release, and the album that never happened. 

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Welcome Romy Snoeijers, all the way from Spain! The Voice of Holland is now a highly sought after voiceover artist. She once sang in 2 Unlimited, and made several other collaborations and solo releases. She fills us in on her exciting career! Then James P. White joins me to review the Billboard Top 10 Singles of 1993 in "The Long and the Short Of It".

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December 30, 2021

Episode 103 - Joey McIntyre

DJ Psyberdoll a.k.a. That Wahlburgers Chick, Raven is my guest as we reminisce about the 1999 solo debut of her favourite New Kid On The Block, Joey McIntyre. Joey is a triple threat in the entertainment world, and his son Griffin is walking those same footsteps. Raven and I also discuss what is happening with the Wahlburgers locations, and artists who have collaborated with NKOTB.

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We truly miss getting the Sears Wish Book every year and going STRAIGHT to the back of it, looking for our favourite toys! Colin Krieger, James P White, and I review the toys we wanted, and the toys we got. I didn't remember the lingerie section. We also talk Whamageddon! You can check out our YouTube channel for a playlist featuring the toys we discuss.

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Super cool and talented Frederick Thomas joins me from the group Natural Selection. He explains their journey with their smash hit single "Do Anything", the story behind the 2 female voices for the track, what Prince thought of the song, and the latest music he has been working on throughout the years!

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December 10, 2021

Episode 100 - Brother Cane

Welcome Brother Cane vocalist and guitarist Damon Johnson for our 100th episode! He shares incredible stories from the days of Brother Cane, to the experiences with writing, playing with Alice Cooper, Thin Lizzy, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. We also talk buying your dot com, and Wayne Gretzky love.

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December 2, 2021

Episode 99 - George LaMond

The King of Freestyle is here! I welcome George LaMond for a chat about the origins of the freestyle genre, block parties, His new single "I Believe In Love" and a very special guest appearance in the music video, touring with NKOTB and covering one of their classics, poutine vs. disco fries, working with Robert Clivilles, and more!

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November 25, 2021

Episode 98 - Morrissey

Mike Butler, host and producer of the etymology podcast "Get The Word!" joins me to discuss the origins of the word "Nostalgia". We talk about a very controversial musician from England, Morrissey, and why he's difficult to be a fan of. A lesson in separating the man from the music. 

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November 18, 2021

Episode 97 - Holly McNarland

Our friend Kendra and I recount the career of Canadian alternative singer Holly McNarland. Was she comparable to Alanis? We also discuss meeting your celebrity heroes, and ask the question: Is winning the Juno Award for Best New Artist the kiss of death to your career?

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November 11, 2021

Episode 96 - Mellow Man Ace

The Godfather of Latin Rap is here! Mellow Man Ace shares what's new on his YouTube channel, his history as a legendary rap artist, the ups and downs of making music with his sibling, Sen Dog from Cypress Hill, and some great stories!

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